widgets Wp Text Slider Widget is Available on wordpress.org

Our plugin Wp Text Slider Widget is available on wordpress.org plugins page. Wp Text Slider Widget is free, simple and easy to use. Add, delete or edit your texts, Wp Text Slider Widget options page (on the admin menu you can see). Features: * Show scrolling text on any page using sidebar * Can be used as advertising, notice, important updates * Compatibility with many other plugins This plugin help you showcase your News, content, important notices on the website (only text). Using: * Add your texts the plugin by going to the `Wp Text Slider Widget` tab in your admin menu. * Visit your Widgets Section ( Apperance > Widgets *Wp Text Slider*) * Drag widget in the sidebar. Define your custom css in “wp-content/plugins/wp-text-slider-widget/css/style.css” file. If you want to change text speed, change the values in “wp-content/plugins/wp-text-slider-widget/js/wp-text-slider-widget.js” file. Plugin on wordpress.org : https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-text-slider-widget/