widgets How to fix Virtualmin Day '0' out of range 1..31 Error

Virtualmin dashboard is not load and giv There is error:

system-status::list_system_info failed : Day '0' out of range 1..31 at /location/to/file/XXXX_FILE.pl:LINE_NUMBER

This error you get because perl is calculate wrong date.

Go to the this file and import:

use Try::Tiny;

Use try-catch exception like this exampe:

try {
    $plist[$i]->{"_stime_unix"} = timelocal(0, 0, 0, $2, &month_to_number($1), $now[5]); ### LINE THAT GIVES ERROR
 } catch {
    warn "Random date created wrongly"

Try - Cactch should fix your issue.