Start Django Project

Activate the virtual environment (in virtual environment directory)

django-admin startproject myapp

Write “ls” then you can see myapp folder should be there. Go to the inside my app folder. There you will see myapp folder and . file for run main tasks, synchronize database and django server. Lets go the inside myapp folder.

----- : Urls for our django applications. Web server gateway interface. Make current directory as a module All necessary configurations will be there.

Open the and look there. There is important parameters you can edit. For example Installed Apps: If you create new application like shop, cart … you should put information there. Root Urlconf: Url configuration root path.

After install django-admin, lets make a database migration. Go to the location that contain file. Ans use command:

python migrate

After the migrate you will see the there is db.sqlite3 file.

Run the server:

python .\ runserver

# There will be url 
# Starting development server at

After that go to the url and you will see the django homepage.