Wp News Slider

Wp News Sliders is a WordPress newscast slider plugin. Show your main news and sub news in slider. It is responsive and have four different theme option.



WP News Sliders help you show to the your news. It is responsive and have four different theme option.

Using Slider:

  • Define the two category for your posts. First category for main news, second category for sub news.
  • Click “Wp News Slider” page on admin menu. Then select the main news and sub news in your post categories for slider content.
  • All posts must be have featured images in main news and sub news categories. Because slider images comes from a posts preset featured images.
  • On the “Wp News Slider” page you can define Number of Main News and Number of Sub News. You can select the slider theme. You can define the max-width and max-height for slider.
  • [newsslider] shortcode is show the slider.

Make your own theme:

  • Go to “wp-content/plugins/wp-news-slider/front/themes” folder.
  • Copy then paste any theme (.css file) in this folder and change the file name.
  • Open and change the color codes in new file. Now you can see and use the new theme on Wp News Sliders page.

Setup slider:

  • Go to plugins menu on your admin panel, click the Add New and search  “Wp News Slider” then install.


  • Download then upload the `wp-news-slider` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory or install it from the plugin directory via your Plugins dash.
  • Activate the WP News Sliders plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

If you have any question please write us.