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Woo Bulk Mail is a professional bulk-mail sender for wordpress. Send email messages to many users.


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Woo Bulk Mail is a professional bulk mail sender for wordpress. You can send email messages to many users.

  1. First, you need to write your e-mail at Write EMail page. Then click save button.
  2.  User Lists page contains live-search for add or remove users mail list. Just write the search area user mail address.
  3. You can use wp_mail function or in the mail options page you can define your smtp mail.

Mails sent from Bulk Mail main page. This page contains some statistics and mail message. Here you can define time to between two mail. After checking all settings just click “Send Mail All Recipients” button. The mail will be sent to everyone.

Note: We are developing this product for our special customers. You can not buy directly this product. Please contact us for details.

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