Discount Customer Group

Define a new user groups and define a category discounts for new user groups.


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Discount Customer Group plugin is help you to define category discounts for user groups. You can define category discounts for different user groups. Every users will see the own discounted prices in your store.

For example you want to make a discount shoes category for Vip user group.

(1) Go to wp admin menu Discount Customer Group > Add Customer Group
(2) On the Add a Customer Group box Write Group Name (Vip) then click to Add Group button.
(3) On the Define Customer to Group box search user name and write group name then click to Define button.
(4) Show group button on the User Groups box is show the defined users to group.
(5) Click the Discount Customer Group on wp admin menu.
(6) Select the user group and category write the discount.
(7) Save the discount.
Thats all.

“dcgdiscountinfo” shortcode is show users to own discounts, shortcode attributes: title, text, discount_color, text_color, no_group.

Discount Customer Group Plugin Video Tutorial


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