Bacode and Pdf for Product

Product pdf output with 2D Barcode


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Export products as PDFs. PDF output includes 2D Barcode, whereby the user can easily reach the items tablet and other mobile devices.


The only thing you need to do install module after the installation you can obtain the pdf output of all products. PDF output includes 2D Barcode and this barcode include product url. Which device use the read 2D Barcode this device browser automatic redirect to product page in your woocommerce, so your customers can easily purchase products.


You do not need product videos, product brochures, many things about your product. Only you need our PDF Export Product module, to which customers read 2DBarcode with smartphone, tablet or computer, automatic redirect to product page. WooCommerce contains all the information entered before, your customers can read it here, watch videos and view and picture, they can pay via your woocommerce website.

Notice: We are continue develop this product for our special customers. Please contact us if you want to buy this plugin.