widgets Create A Django Application

First of all activate virtual environment. Then create a new App.

python manage.py startapp mynewapp

Type ‘ls’ for look directory. You can see the mynewapp folder is there. Go inside the mynewapp folder there is:

__init__.py: Thread our shop as a module (Empty file)
admin.py: In this files we can put the necessary configuration for admin backend.
apps.py: Any application configuration goes this file.
models.py: Database and table models.
tests.py: Run tests, for sure application work fine.
views.py: Frontend side of the site.

Register The New Application

Go to myapp\settings.py (Attention: it is not mynewapp directory please up one folder) . Add your new app there inside INSTALLED_APPS array

    'mynewapp', # Here your new app

Create a Example View ( Lets Check Is Your Application Work? )

Open mynewapp\views.py and import HttpResponse

from django.http import HttpResponse

Then create method for handle requests

def index(request):
    text_var = 'This is my newapp page'
    return HttpResponse(text_var);

Go to myapp\urls.py (Attention: it is not mynewapp directory please up one folder) . Import mynewapp views

from mynewapp import views

Add new url pattern after admin url

path('',views.index, name='index'),

And run server. Good Luck.